Writing a new jersey accent

Music Mogul Russell Simmons. It sounds slightly similar to New York City, but with a few major differences.

Writing a new jersey accent

By Michael Hicks Various linguistic accents spoken in the United States can be considered part of its national heritage and give cultural identity to populations from specific regions. Periodically seen as a symbol of pride or inversely as a linguistic curse, accents mix regional dialect and on occasion multiple languages with Standard English syntax.

Externally, accents are merely linguistic variations in a given syntactical structure but can carry with them superficial stigmas attached to writing a new jersey accent societal status.

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This paper will analyze the phonetics of accent in conjunction with bilingual and multilingual code-switching, code-mixing, and linguistic interference.

The focus of analysis will be American accents of the Northeast with emphasis on New England and the Tri-State area while spanning multicultural backgrounds. It will discuss how accents play a role in speech interaction within American society and to what extent this affects identity as well as determining if accents are universal or situational.

Similar sounding speech interaction offers interlocutors a means of communication equivalence. The forms of stress emphasized within accent groups can sometimes cross language boundaries and retain aspects of secondary language in conjunction with English.

Stress is closely associated with accent because it refers to the degree of emphasis placed on syllables in words and can be unpredictable from one language to another Bonvillain Despite English dominance of the Eastern settlements, French linguistic influences in Northern New England along with other European and African influences in the southern Mid-Atlantic region would sometimes give rise to pidgins, creoles, and eventually accents.

Creole speech is inevitably created when mutual intelligible code development is employed to mixing of English and another language Bonvillain More recently, global mixtures of language influence can be seen throughout the North Eastern states encompassing New England and the Tri-State area.

Code-switching is common among Northeastern American bilingual and multilingual speakers due to cultural integration and occasional overlap. When observing certain geographic locations or neighborhoods, accent can play a role in conjunction with code-switching.

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For example, bilingualism and community identity can build each other by using varieties of Spanish and English that bond community members while creating individual identities Zentella 5, Bilingualism used to be considered a disadvantage but actually improves executive functions in the brain Bhattacharjee 1.

The only signs of confusion can be seen in crutch like code-mixing. This occurs when the switch is not clear in communicative intent and results in a momentary loss for words, which are usually followed by fallback words Zentella Code-switchers are sometimes unfairly labeled as lacking linguistic or intellectual faculties and seen in a negative light Zentella Speakers who grew up in a foreign country and now reside in the United States can be marked by phonological and grammatical interference Bonvillain This societal stigma can cause problems of identity association with an individual or group.

Many non-fluent English speakers with a general understanding of Basic English will often resort to code-switching while maintaining a foreign accent. Code-mixing or combining two languages into one word can be prevalent in speakers who lack the basic syntactical structure of English.

Such examples can be seen in the multitude of diverse neighborhoods of New York City where multilingual interaction is constantly taking place. Code-switching tactics can either create labels for that group or force them to identify with a label of their own creation.

According to Weinreich, bilingual code switching is in accordance with situational change only when the interlocutors or topic changes the speech situation, however, Zentella points out that each code can be restricted to specific settings making it universal Zentella Differences in bilingual language accent usage can be limited by a social situational interaction.

As stated by Urciuoli, inner sphere talk is associated with intimates and has blurred speech boundaries as opposed to outer sphere talk, which is associated with strangers and causes a speaker to become objectified so much that they may abstain from speech in a given situation Hill The outer sphere fear of incorrectness reaches into almost all forms of multilingual and regional accents.

Thus, pressure to linguistically perform proper English either by dropping their foreign accent or not participating in a conversation intensifies when native English speakers become involved. This can be seen as shyness to the unaware but has more to do with racial barriers and social position insecurities instilled upon a speech network subjected to western ideals since birth.

Inner sphere examples usually take place among peer groups where code-switching or mixing would be deemed acceptable modes of conversation. Habits of speech cultivated from a young age can become habits of mind and go beyond language affecting emotional world experiences Deutscher 3.

These situations are seen in many bilingual groups where English is the second language and can be based on the avoidance of judgments by fluent English speakers.

writing a new jersey accent

When looking at dialectal and foreign accents abstractly, it would seem that American white society has consciously developed an unofficial standard for English speakers to follow. Deviating from the linguistic normalcy of this structure results in societal conjecture.choral readings jewelry photo essays song writing chorales labels photography stitchery spelling and accent spelling and accent spelling and accent marks marks marks APPENDIX B: ASSESSMENTS Figure 5 NEW JERSEY WORLD LANGUAGES CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK.

In the USA, regional dialects include Appalachian, New Jersey and Southern English, and in Britain, Cockney, Liverpool English and 'Geordie' (Newcastle English) "In contrast to a regional dialect, a social dialect is a variety of a language spoken by a particular group based on social characteristics other than geography.".

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Thematic essay on nationalism in world. People, in a New York law firm mind you, can’t believe this woman with a thick Jersey accent is capable of coming up with good ideas and even winning cases.

Why It’s Important To Be Proud Of Your New York City Accent

Now, this is television, but this does make us wonder about accents and the associations that came with them in the workplace. NOTE: This guide uses the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).For information about this notation, please visit my page of International Phonetic Alphabet Resources..

There are obviously many North American accents. For reference, here is a list of only the most common classifications in the United States and Canada.

Melanie was born and raised in New Buffalo, Michigan (a jaunt from Chicago) and has been living in the Midwest ever since! Growing up just outside of Chicago in an area known as "the region," I thought I had a hint of Chicago in my accent.

Later, I realized not only do I have a reasonably clear.

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