University of st. gallen master thesis

Class of Background: History, International Relations The most valuable contribution the Brandt School has instilled in me is the diverse range of perspectives which continuously challenge my preconceptions.

University of st. gallen master thesis

Please pay attention to the specific regulations of the University of St. September 03, Application stop: September 30, or until all topics assigned Kick-off meetings: October 02, Registration at the student administration: January 14, Application stop: February 10, or until all topics assigned Kick-off meetings: We recommend all applicants to have at least taken one course offered by the Institute of Retail Management.

Exceptions may be made for students with prior working experience in retailing. In addition, we expect all applicants to be familiar with the basic rules of academic writing e.

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Finally, we expect that all students complete their final thesis within two semesters after the kick-off meeting. We ask you to carefully study the list of topics on our website. We do not accept applications with self-developed topics.

university of st. gallen master thesis

Please apply for only one topic. We will supervise about 15 theses every semester. Every semester you can apply for one of these topics during 1. For the spring semester, applications will open mid-January until the end of February and for the fall semester, from mid-august until the end of September.

We will notify all applicants within two weeks after their application. After a successful application, we invite you to concretize your topic together with Prof.

Rudolph and a direct co-supervisor PhD-student during a 20min Kick-off meeting. Familiarize yourself with our application process and important information above.

Carefully chose a topic from our topic list that interests you. Please consider the application deadlines see timing.

University of | Studying | Admission Master's degree course The dual degree program will enable students to earn both a MALD from Fletcher and an MBA from the China Europe International Business School in two and one half years, which is less time than would be required if each degree were sought separately.
Search form He conducts research on knowledge management, knowledge visualization, knowledge creation creativity and knowledge communication. He has been a guest professor at various universities in Asia, North and South America, as well as Europe.
List of Online Scholarships, Olympiad, Competitions for Students Gallen and would like to work on a topic in the field of business ethics?

After you have been notified about your acceptance one week after application deadlinewe will contact you to schedule the Kick-off meeting with Prof. Rudolph and your assigned co-supervisor.

We will offer you limited time slots for this meeting see above. The 20min-slots will be assigned on first-come first-served basis. We therefore ask you to block at least two of those time slots. During the kick-off meeting, you will discuss and focus your topic together with Prof.

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You will officially start your thesis after this meeting. Please bring the official application form and our publication permission to this meeting. You will still have to officially register your topic at the student administration. Familiarize yourself with the IRM information sheet.

There you will find a detailed description of the writing process and our requirements for excellent theses.Master’s Programme in International Affairs and Governance University of St.

Gallen (HSG), School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and International Affairs.

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University of St. Gallen. Graduate School of Business, Economics, Law and Social Sciences (HSG) part of a larger project with two other Master heses currently being written by University t of St. Gallen students, with a focus on industry and government level respectively.

This Master’s thesis is organised as follows. Immersion in an international experience is the best part about being at The Willy Brandt School of Public Policy. It is truly a great opportunity to grow not just as an individual with pluralistic values but also as a responsible global stakeholder.

Andreza Barbosa: Andreza wrote her doctoral thesis on hedging with futures and exchange traded funds, and subsequently published several papers, notably in the Journal of Portfolio Management and the Journal of Banking and Finance and a book from her thesis on Exchange Traded was Vice President Prime Brokerage and OTC Clearing Risk at JP Morgan in London, Director, EMEA Head of .

Michele Laghezza Miele. Graduated in aerospace engineering at the Politecnico of Torino, with a thesis at the Glasgow University in Scotland, afterward a Master in Marketing Management at the Torino University and continuing education at the St.

Gallen University. Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. This dual degree program is designed to allow students to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Tuck and a MALD at Fletcher in three years, compared with four years to complete the two degrees separately.

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