The profit trailer business plan

Are you interested in buying and selling cement products?

The profit trailer business plan

Well, I am happy to report that the trailer turned out great and I am completely happy with it.

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More on that in a minute. This past year has been a year of transition for me. As it turns out; the older I get the harder it is to operate a high capacity tent operation at large events.

The process of loading in stock, setting up the tent and equipment at each event, selling at high capacity, then tearing down to head home where I start the process over again for the following event has all become a bit too much.

I considered it the cost of my education on how to make money with a completely different menu at much smaller events. In fact, I needed to find out if it was even possible. The summer was not wasted!

Bill Text - SB Public resources: trailer bill.

Here are some things I have learned: My season was scheduled with a variety of events in an effort to learn what sales market is the best for my new menu.

I did the weekly 4pm to 8pm local farmers market plus many community events — each of which attracted a slightly different demographic. Some of these events were two or three days long, but all were close enough to home that I could easily commute each day and stock up from home if needed.

This was an important trial for this new menu. Next season when I schedule my events I now know the type of events to target and which events to avoid. There is money to be made with a simple menu at small events providing you are willing to go to a lot of events.

the profit trailer business plan

However, the math gets a little tricky when you consider the costs associated with each type of operation. For example; the costs of doing business at multi-day events are much higher than short-term local markets because the costs of traveling, sleeping over, hiring labor, and your own time and energy are also involved.

Additionally, event costs such as space fees need to be calculated on an individual basis. Food service licensing is also tricky to calculate; depending on what type of license you operate under mobile or temporary and what county you work in.

In my county a temporary restaurant permit costs the same for ninety days at the weekly farmers market as it does for a single multi-day community event. However, every county structures their fees a little differently.

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I had very specific criteria in mind:After you have opened a corporate bank account, fund it with the capital that you intend to start your cement distribution business with.

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Jan 03,  · Look at Big-Tex trailers they do a sizeable and profitable business however they have a large scale operation.

the profit trailer business plan

If you manage it well and have something that people want and do a good job you probably can make some money building trailers. not a big profit margin in one trailer--or two This is my plan for the boring winter .

Is trailer building really worth it?