Soc sci 3a research paper

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Soc sci 3a research paper

Special Topics in Social Sciences. Studies in selected areas of Social Sciences. Topics addressed vary each quarter.

Unlimited as topics vary. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems. Hands-on laboratory course introduces students to the fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems GIS technology using social science applications. Students will learn to organize, manipulate, and display spatial data leading to the design of their own GIS research project.

School of Social Sciences students have first consideration for enrollment. Intermediate Geographic Information Systems. Expands Geographic Information Systems GIS skills to more advanced theories and concepts in the spatial analysis of social science issues and particularly to analyzing and interpreting spatial data.

Students develop and complete a GIS research project of their own choosing. Game Theory and Politics I. Introduction to game theory and a survey of its political applications. Examples of topics covered include voting in small committees, legislatures, and mass elections; interest group activities and environmental issues; institutional design, and the evolution of cooperative behavior.

Sociology Majors have first consideration for enrollment. Political Science Majors have first consideration for enrollment. International Studies Majors have first consideration for enrollment.

Game Theory and Politics II. More advanced game theory and its political applications, beginning where Game Theory and Politics I ends. Examples of topics covered include revolutions; arms race; spatial models of party competition; political manipulation; political coalitions and their power.

Introduction to conducting business in the international arena, decision making in the organization, and globalization of markets and production.

Topics covered range from tax and finance to ethics, marketing, and more.

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Continuing corporate regulatory scandals discussed. Special Topics in Geography. Studies in selected areas of geography. Examines the internationalization of U.SOC SCI 3A: Computer-Based Research in the Social Sciences B. One course in Introduction to Social Policy and Public Service: SOC SCI Students write research paper.


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Soc sci 3a research paper

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Jun 12,  · Word , Go! Project 3A, Part 1 of 2 Educational Foundations and Research, University of North drlindadavis 26, views. Word , Go! Project 1B, part 1 of 2 - .

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