Practicum reflection paper

One of the goals that I had was to gain practical experience in the counseling profession. Another goal of mine was to see if the clinical profession was something that I would actually want to pursue and enjoy doing. The practicum experience has definitely helped me understand the goals that I have and have also helped me achieve these goals.

Practicum reflection paper

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Tuesday, January 10, Final Practicum Reflection Paper At the end of this practicum experience, there are a lot of things that stand out that I have learned through my experiences in the Northern State University Strength and Conditioning program.

I have learned a lot of new things and experienced the collegiate strength program in a way that I never had seen before. This was a great opportunity for me to gain valuable experience in this field and I have a much better understanding of how this type of Practicum reflection paper works and what it takes to coach a program like this.

There are simply a lot of athletic teams that need to work out and not very many times when they all can. There were times during my experience that we would have two and even three teams in the weight room at one time doing their workouts. It was very busy but the coaches were able to make it happen through careful planning of workouts and effective space management.

Alternate activities were also another part of the time and space-management process that was well utilized by having athletes complete workouts outside the weight room by using the gym and other parts of the facility. This helped to alleviate the congestion of the crowded space.

Practicum reflection paper

Another important aspect of coaching that I really picked up on was the fact that there is always coaching to be done, even for experienced athletes. This was very apparent to me as I was a part of workouts for people of all experience levels. As the weeks passed and they went through the workouts and coaches spent time with them, there was a lot of visible progress made within the team.

Weekly Activity Reports: Final Practicum Reflection Paper

The football team, on the other hand, which is mostly comprised of athletes with several years of lifting experience, was much further ahead when they started. However, there were still several aspects of the football workouts that required coaching.

Those aspects were much more minor and detailed, but important nonetheless. Whether you are coaching beginners or advanced athletes, there is always something to coach. During my experience, I was fortunate enough to witness aspects of two large administrative situations involved with the strength program.

The first case was seeing how the strength program had to take the proper steps and go through the proper channels in order to purchase things for the program.

In this case, the coaches were able to find a deal that allowed them to buy protein supplements that they could then turn around and sell to the athletes for a very low relative cost.

This was also very convenient for the athletes and provided them with great access to vital post-workout nutrition.

The only problem with this is that the finance committee only meets every other week, so by the time the committee got it and the order was placed and processed and shipped, the whole process could take up to three weeks. The fact that the purchasing process works like this it works like this for everything means that a strength coach has to be very organized and plan ahead for purchasing things like this.

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The other administrative action that I had the opportunity to witness was the designing of the new weight room that is being built right now. There are a lot factors that a coach must consider about how the facility will work, what the best set up will be to most effectively utilize the new space and also the financial planning that is involved in the process which ties into the previous subject.

It is interesting to see and you really learn a lot about how a workout facility works when you see the planning that goes into the design of a facility like that. Lastly, I was able to see just how much innovation and new technology is out there in the world of human performance and athletic training.

When I first started working out for athletics, I thought that there was only one way to do everything and only one way to train as an athlete.

It is an ever-changing and ever-evolving work that has endless possibilities for advancement.

Final reflections on the practicum

In conclusion, I was very fortunate to get the kind of experience that I did and I learned a great deal in my time spent with the Northern State University Strength and Conditioning program.

I was able to see first-hand many of the administrative functions of a strength coach as well as see the kind of time and space management this job requires; all while learning different workout philosophies and beginning to form my own. I was exposed to a lot of different ideologies and thought processes which I feel allowed me to learn and grow my own philosophies as a human performance professional.Aug 14,  · I began writing for Forbes in It was just as the economy was starting to perk up and a fascinating time to cover the stock market, which I did for three months until I switched beats in.

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