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Back then the marijuana available on the east coast was either cheap lousy Mexican or more expensive and fairly decent Colombian.

Kif in the rif an examination

For hardcore marijuana journalists, the kind of scribblers and photographers crazy enough to endure intrigue and danger in the seamy underworld of marijuana production and smuggling, going to Morocco is like making a pilgrimage to Mecca. Morocco somewhat resembles Mecca, with street signs encoded with ancient symbols and mosques on every corner, with the muezzin singing prayers five times a day from those mosques.

The prayer songs echo in your head like hallucinatory scenes from the classic William Burroughs novel later made into a fantastic movie Naked Lunch, which was written while Burroughs was in Tangiers in a weeks-long trance induced by eating Moroccan hashish.

How Drug Abuse Affects the Eye

Nobody knows for sure how much marijuana is grown in Morocco, how much land is devoted to cannabis cultivation, or how much Maroc hashish is exported each year, but estimates from the European Union, the United Nations and the CIA claim the country produces at least 30, pounds of hashish annually.

Satellite photos and other data acquired in the last decade indicate that approximatelyMoroccan acres are under cultivation during the pot-growing season that generally lasts from March to early September. The Rif is a spectacular geologic feature, stripped bare of its natural vegetation by centuries of overpopulation and irrational land use practices, so that the raw undulations of stone, peaks, valleys and cliffs are seen with stark clarity.

Riffies are literally a breed apart. Their culture is tribal, based on the tradition of Berber warriors who have fought kings and drug warriors, forcing invaders down the mountains toward the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea which border the country.

The Rif has its own music, languages, and customs. Outsiders are not necessary or welcome.

Riffies grow, process and transfer cannabis products to other Moroccans and to Europeans, who are largely responsible for getting Maroc resins across the water to Europe.

Ever since I became a marijuana journalist I wanted to emulate the heroic exploits of those who went before me to Morocco. I wanted to follow in their reckless footsteps while avoiding the harrowing experiences most of them reported? So it was a bitter twist of fateful irony that Allah designated to be my year to first visit Morocco.

A handful of kif powder? From Allah to al Hoceima My consternation about going to Morocco caused me to literally wait to the last minute before deciding to drive all night to my departure airport.

I made it there with only minutes to spare and boarded a Royal Air Maroc plane. I was at their mercy; if they really desired to harm an American, I realized, they could do it easily. Thank Allah my fears were unjustified; we landed at a remote, little-used airport in Northern Morocco after a flight that was notable only for the shy, friendly smiles and inquiring glances of my fellow passengers.

The airport was guarded by security forces. Unlike the US, Morocco does not pretend to be a democracy.

Kif in the rif an examination

It is a kingdom, ruled by King Mohammed VI, the latest in a long line of Muslim royalty and rulers who ultimately trace their reign back to AD, when the Arab conquest of Morocco began and when the Islamic religion was first forced on Morocco.

Soldiers guarded the airplane, watched me with unconcealed suspicion, and pointed their guns at me when I asked if I could take a picture of the airplane.

My European contact and his Moroccan guide arrived. We piled into an oversized sport utility vehicle and left the airport, soon to be repeatedly stopped and then waved on by several sets of soldiers and police officers whose habit it is to stand in the middle of the road and randomly stop vehicles and pedestrians.

Before I committed to the journey, my host had promised a super-stony time in Northern Africa. A few men spoke English; they told me cannabis and homegrown tobacco were illegal, but that penalties for illegal tobacco were far worse than penalties for marijuana!

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A decrement of 1dB is noted in two subjects and 2dB in a third subject after smoking kif. This result is statistically significant (P. I want it to become like a second skin, to the point that I am almost unconscious of its contents, in as much as you would never suspect, from a casual conversation on a street corner – or a desolate four-wheel drive track in the drug-growing Rif Mountains of Morocco – that I have anything more valuable on me than my wits.

The kif carried by the caf? men in little pouches initially looked like kif I was used to, but close examination with my macro lens revealed the tiny particles that looked like resin glands to the unaided eye were not resin glands at all: they were tiny granules of plant material, sand, and other debris.

and scotopic sensitivity in kif smokers of the Rif mountains of northern Morocco symmetry and reaction, and funduscopic examination. All were tested experimentally after their first kif exposure of the day and a uniform cannabis/Nicotiana rustica mixture was employed.

Each subject was blindfolded for .

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