Final salution story by mahesh dattani

Monday, May 12, Final Solutions: It was the time when the spectre of Partition appeared to have returned, hungering for even more corpses. It suggests that the real problem could well be with the limitations of prevailing discourses about those relations.

Final salution story by mahesh dattani

In the diary, she writes about her experience in her new house. She is not of good opinions regarding her in-laws. Though India had gained independence, yet she is imprisoned within the four walls of the house.

She has good taste for the songs of Shamshad Begum, Noor Jahan etc. She even wanted to become a singer like them but due to the family restrictions, her desires remain unfulfilled.

She got a chance to visit a Muslim girl Zarine, who also had a great taste for the songs of Noor Jahan and Shamshad Begum. In a course of time, they became best friends.

The scene now shifts to the present in a town of Gujarat and she is an old woman now. An idol of Hindu God is broken down. There are rumours that it is broken down purposely by Muslims and thus due to the tension between Hindus and Muslims, Slogans by mobs of both the communities are heard alternatively.

Smita granddaughter of Hardika is talking on the phone to the family of her friend Tasneem as Tasneem has just called and told her Smita and probably her own family as well that some bomb has blasted in her hostel.

Meanwhile, Javed and Bobby, two Muslim boys are in some argument on the side of the road in a nearby area. Suddenly some Hindu men come and start asking them questions and also search them. Finding a scull-cap in the pocket of Bobby, they at once recognise them as Muslims.

As they try to kill them, Javed and Bobby run away and the mob chases them. Ramanik, at last, opens the door. They at once rush in and lock the door. They plead Ramanik to save their life. Mob arrives at the door of Ramanik. They warn Ramanik to either handover Javed and Bobby to them or they will break the door and come in.

However, Ramanik refuses to do so. The mob starts throwing stones and sticks on the house and also abuses Ramanik. Aruna does not like Muslims in her house and forces her husband to throw them out of it.

Ramanik starts talking to Bobby and Javed. Bobby is polite while Javed is quite harsh in the conversation. Ramanik asks them about their studies and upon learning that Javed is a school drop-out start talking bad about him.

Smita comes and recognises both of them.

Final Solutions Summary by Mahesh Dattani

Act-2 Aruna asks Smita how she knows both of them. It is also revealed that Javed does not live with his parents. Ramanik then asks how he can meet his sister. Javed says that unlike them the Hindus he loves the people of his community. Aruna gets outraged and Javed apologises. Mob throws stones at the house of Ramanik.

He also tells how his grandfather was killed by Muslim mob soon after the partition. Ramanik offers them milk. Ramanik still sympathetic explains how the conflict started.

There were rumours that during the Rath Yatra of Hindus, some Muslims threw stones on the chariots that made the idols of God to fall and break into pieces and even Pujari was stabbed to death.

The event led to the imposition of curfew in their town. Smita comes with pillows for Bobby and Javed. Bobby says that he came in search of a job. Ramanik offers him a job at his cloth-shop but Smita warns her father from doing so. When Ramanik inquires about the matter, she reveals that Javed was hired by a terrorist organisation and was thus expelled from his house.

She also tells that she came to know about this from Tasneem. Javed condemns her for betraying her friend as she promised Tasneem that she will not expose the reality of Javed. Smita acknowledges her mistake and being speechless runs away.Sep 27,  · best drama performance of final solution by mahesh dattani.

Final Solution by Mahesh Dattani Essay. Words It is sad that over after fifty years of Independence, the same things are happening; the whole story is presented in a series of scenes and memories, dialogues, images and sudden shifts in time.

it is the reason their friends are gone, or their family is dead. The Final Solution is the. The theme of Mahesh Dattani's Final Solutions is cultural Solutions analyzes how certain groups had to suffer at thehands of other majority groups.

Arvind Gaur,directs Mahesh Dattani's play Final Solutionsin in Hindi (),Deepak Dobriyal, Omkara fame acted in it.

Mahesh Dattani's play 30 Days in September directed by Arvind Gaur treats the. PROBLEM OF COMMUNAL DIVIDE AND COMMUNAL TENSION IN MAHESH DATTANI’S FINAL SOLUTIONS.

Mahesh Dattani is a leading dramatist in Indian Drama in English. He is the first Indian playwright in English who has been awarded the ‘Sahitya Academi’ award for . Final Solutions, a play by Mahesh Dattani "Final Solution", a song by Black Label Society from The Blessed Hellride "Final Solution", a song by Rocket from the Tombs / Pere Ubu.

Final salution story by mahesh dattani
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