Deflection of eccentric tie

Built in either 2 or 4 point configurations, they range in capacity from to Tons with bed sizes to " left to right All major weldments are stress relieved before machining. The bridge, bed and columns are precisely aligned at assembly by five fitted keys on each end, and held together by means of four hydraulic tie rods. Due to the excessive shock loading present with blanking and progressive die operations, all press weldments are extra heavy duty, all electrical components on the press are shock mounted where practical, critical fasteners are oversize and wired, and press clearances are kept to the minimum for running fit. Standard features of dual processor press control include anti-repeat, anti-tie down, brake monitor and chain brake detection.

Deflection of eccentric tie

The experimental values of the deflection of the tie are obtained by reading the results of dial gauge during the experiment.

Deflection of eccentric tie

Sometimes the design of a mechanism or a structure demands that a tension member has to be offset from the line of the pull. This means that the member has to carry combined tension and bending, the latter increasing with the eccentricity of the load.

When the load line is going out the middle third of a square tie bar, as in this experiment, the bending moment predominates and bending deflection Deflection of eccentric tie be considerable. The more rigorous mathematical solution of an eccentrically loaded tie bar requires some knowledge of differential equation.

An approximate solution could be obtained by regarding the tie bar as a beam with equal and opposite couples applied, thus producing circular bending.

The experiment provides an exaggerated demonstration of an eccentric tie to make possible a visual appreciation of the problem.

It also gives an opportunity to check the order of accuracy that can be achieved by using the simple theory. Eccentric Tie Bar The experiment is designed as followed.

Deflection of eccentric tie

Eccentric Tie Apparatus 2. Load hanger 2N 3. Weight sets 50N, 20N, 10N and 2N. The dial gauge contain of divisions, to get the central of deflection, is the gauge readings multiply by the sensitivity of the dial gauge which is 0. Besides that, the central deflection also obtains by using the simple formula and exact formula.

The comparison between the results will be shown in the form of graph. The equation that used to calculate the Central deflection is: After compared both theoretical and experimental results, it shows that the values of central deflection is related to the end moment, as the end moment increases, the central deflection also increases.

The behaviour of the graph central deflection against end moment also clearly showed that the central deflection is directly proportional to end moment. The results of the central deflection for the experimental values is smaller than the simplified and exact formula, this is because, there might be some errors occur during the experiment.

The errors are listed in 4. There are significant different between the values obtained from Simplified Theory and the Exact Formula, this is because the eccentricity of the tie bar that used in the Simplified Theory is only considered the applied load.

Therefore the values that obtain by using the Exact Formula are more accurate. Parallax error might be occurred when reading the dial gauge when taking different results. The load is not applied directly on the normal axis will also cause some error on our results.

Slight vibration of the table might also affect the accuracy of the result. In order to increase the accuracy of the experimental results, a digital dial gauge with smaller scale and more sensitive should be used and the experiment should we repeated more times to get the average reading.

Beer, Johnston, Dewolf Mechanics of Materials 3rd Ed.May 12,  · The eccentric bolt is on the end of the tie link that connects to the subframe.

The total toe-in of the two rear wheels is supposed to be 25 minutes of arc (less than half a degree). The toe angle (I assume this is the amount of toe-in) changes during deflection of the spring (as the car travels over bumps and leans as it rounds corners).

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Reshoring Concrete structures is necessary where excessive deflection of Floor slabs or foundation settlement is anticipate on remval of shores. A common type of Form Tie is ____ Snap Tie. A snape Tie consits of. . Elastic Solutions for Eccentrically Loaded, Slender, Precast and Prestressed Concrete Spandrel Beams Bülent Mercan, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis is achieved by means of threaded inserts (i.e., tie-back bolts) at two elevations above the column corbels.

Tie Rod Construction Eccentric Gear Drive System (In Oil Bath) and where deflection can be reduced. Our fabrication designs provide for maximum rigidity and minimum deflections for the various directional stresses that a press can be subjected during stamping operations.

Strip curvature measured by the deflection of the strip axle in relation to the ideal line. Unit of the eccentric mechanical press which transfers the flywheel motion to the rest of the kinematic system. TIE-RODS. Additional system to strengthen the press frame for particularly heavy applications.

Eccentric or crank drive The connecting rods are arranged in the area of the uprights and tie rods to minimize bending stress on the press crown. This leaves the top of the workstations in the slide free for ejection functions.

The overload safety function is activated only when the deflection of the four blankholder pressure points.

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