Call for papers epidemiology

Effects of immigration on the epidemiology of CVD disease Title: Effects of migration on the epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Call for papers epidemiology

Today, there are many issues that negatively impact the health and well-being globally resulting in an increase in public health issues. Therefore, this can be attributed to the harmful health products in the environment together with inaccessibility to healthcare services for those in rural and remote areas.

Hence, there is need to solve Call for papers epidemiology issues by promoting health and well-being through public health approach in order to reduce the chances of people getting sick.

One way of achieving this is through the health digitization thus promoting accessibility to healthcare services Besides, the main focus is on enhancing and protecting community health and well-being as well as addressing the healthcare service needs of the vulnerable in society.

Global conferences and interactions among health care specialists is one way of emphasizing effective solutions for public health concerns and problems that the world experiences.

This conference is aimed to bring together foremost academicians, clinicians, public health professionals, health workers, policy makers and other related professionals in order to discuss positive ways of promoting the well-being for all. Because the development of well-being promotion strategies is crucial for sustainable healthy communities.

The quality of health care is one of the contributing factors to the promotion of well-being for all and will be one of the important topics tackled in the conference. What are the Conference Tracks All relevant stakeholders are welcome to submit your original research papers to the International Conference on Public Health and Well-being which integrates the disciplines towards a better society.

The conference is a platform for addressing the various public health concerns by discussing and working together towards enhancing the well-being for all at all ages. Your original research abstracts, best practices and innovations should be made according to the issued format in the Abstract Submission Guidelines prior to the Abstract Submission Deadline.

All submitted research papers, best practices and innovations will be evaluated by a group of experts in the related disciplines in accordance with the international criteria.

All the assented will be eligible for presentation at the conference and should be registered on or prior to the last registration deadline. The following are the conference tracks for abstract submission.

Call for papers epidemiology

However, please note that any abstract which is in line with the conference theme will be considered for review.Epidemiologic Reviews: Call for Papers Theme: The Epidemiology of Prescription and Illegal Drug Dependence Epidemiologic Reviews, a sister publication of the American Journal of Epidemiology, is devoted to publishing comprehensive and critical reviews on specific themes once per year.

Call for papers Global Health, Epidemiology and Genomics (GHEG) will regularly publish themed collections of content.

International Journal of Epidemiology | Oxford Academic Details of themed collections that are currently open for submissions can be found below. Instructions for preparing your manuscript can be found hereand all manuscripts should be submitted online at cambridge.
Special Packages Call for papers International Conference on Public Health accepts the following types of submissions: Completed research papers in any of the topic areas listed bellow or related areas.

Details of themed collections that are currently open for . Call for Papers. Download PDF version of SPR CFP. Epidemiology and Etiology: Submissions under this theme are focused on describing the distribution and patterns of injury and disease (e.g., cancer, cardiovascular disease, substance use disorders, depression.

Call for Papers | Epidemiologic Reviews | Oxford Academic

The Half-Lives of Facts, Paradigm Shifts, and Reproducibility in Cancer Research. Publishes papers on epidemiological advances and new developments throughout the world. Register to receive table of contents email alerts as soon as new issues of International Journal of Epidemiology are published online.

Related Titles American Journal of Hypertension. American Journal of Epidemiology. Public Health Conference July 11th - 13th , Bangkok, Thailand Home Dates & Location Call for papers. International Conference on Public Health accepts the following types of submissions: Research Papers: Completed research papers in any of the topic areas listed bellow or related areas.

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