Automotive assignment

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Automotive assignment

For example, if the Workspace contains a Workspace field called Problem type, and Problem type contains hardware, software, and network as its three choices, Issues could be assigned automatically to different BMC FootPrints Service Core users and Teams depending on which choice is selected for that Issue or Request by the Agent or Customer creating the Issue.

In this way, the hardware Team is Automotive assignment assigned to hardware problems, the software group is automatically assigned to software problems, etc. Default assignment can also be configured on this page.

Default Assignment When an Agent opens a new Issue, you can control who is assigned by default to that Issue with the options described below. The option selected here determines who is listed in the Assignees dialog box on the Create Issue page when an Agent opens a new Issue. There are five options: Assign to creator—The Agent creating the Issue is assigned.

Assign to creator's Team—The Agent's Team is assigned automatically. If the Agent belongs to multiple Teams, the first Team in the list Automotive assignment selected.

Assign to none—The Assignees box is blank when an Issue is created by an Agent. This option should be selected if Auto-Assignment is configured for most or all possible choices for at least one field.

Assign to all—All users are assigned. This is appropriate if the Workspace only contains a small group of Agents. The default assignment option only affects who is listed as the Assignee when an Agent first creates an Issue.

The option selected here can be overridden by the Auto Assignment options selected below, manually by the Agent with permissionsby Team assignment rules, or by an Escalation rule. The Choose Assignees page is displayed. Any subsequent changes to the Auto Assign field s have no effect on assignment.

This is useful if Auto Assignment is being used to assign an Issue from one group to another, for example, from Support to Development, then to QA, etc. Add to or replace existing assignees Add new assignees—Any users assigned manually will remain assigned in addition to any users auto-assigned.

Unassign existing assignees—When users are Auto Assigned, any users added manually or Auto Assigned by a previous edit are removed. If the Unassign option is selected, the Auto Assignment rule for one field may unassign users who were assigned by another field choice.

Therefore, to assign Issues based on multiple criteria, use Escalation rules. In addition, auto assignment occurs during the issue creation; if dynamic drop-downs are used, escalation rules, which occur at the end of the issue creation or edit, should be used to do these kinds of assignments Drop-Down Fields—This section contains one sub-section for each drop-down Workspace field in the current Workspace.

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Each section is broken down into each choice for the field, with a list of Workspace members and Teams for each choice. For each choice, you can choose to Auto Assign Issues to one or more users or Teams.

Automotive assignment

It is not necessary to configure Auto Assignment for each choice in a single field or for more than one drop-down field. It is completely optional. More complex assignment based on multiple criteria, including contact fields, time, etc.

When you are finished, click Save. The users receive notification email, and the Issue appears in their Assignments lists.Auto Assignment Rule Pre-Qualification Criteria | Actions The Auto Assign Rule Manager can be used to assign data on business objects upon creation (via the user interface, integration, or planning) based on configurable, user-defined business rules.

Overview. IO auto assignment is new for Wonderware System Platform R2. The I/O auto assignment feature now provides an automated means of assigning application objects to devices, and of specifying input sources and output destinations on attributes.

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In Material Task Assignment Window, you cannot enter values in both the Item Number field and the Category field for the same rule. Likewise in Resource Task Assignment window, you cannot enter values in both the Job field and the Assembly field for the same rule.

Auto Assignment from Oregon Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) Glossary () by The State of Oregon An automated process used to make ‘intelligent’ Managed Care assignments for beneficiaries who do not make a selection of a Primary Medical Provider of their own accord.

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